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How are hair extensions applied?
The methods we prefer is the 'micro bead' and 'tape' applications.
They are the safest applications on the market.

The Microbead application is  where small silicon lined copper beads/rings are used to gently clamp the hair onto your own natural hair. Every 6-12 weeks the extensions need to be moved up. Unlike most salons, we remove the hair and use a new bead to re-apply, which means your hair will stay in better condition rather than 'reusing' and 'pushing the bead back up'.

The Tape Application is where a small section of your natural hair is sandwiched between two pieces of weft extensions which are secured to each other with a double sided tape.
We apply and recommend the newest and most popular method  which is the Skin Weft Hair Extensions method. It’s an Invisible and light weight attachment which even if it is seen, it looks like your own hair and skin.
The maintenance cycle with the skin wefts is between 4-10 weeks. During the maintenance appointment, the hair extensions are completely removed with a solution, re-tapped and re-applied.

Can I use my curler or straightener on my extensions?

You can style the hair extensions as normal. As you own hair, you should apply a heat protectant to ensure you keep your extensions in perfect condition.

How long will my hair last?
They can last for many months up to a year, (sometimes more) or be easily ruined if not cared for properly.
Use the right products and care for it properly and they will last longer. Our hair will tangle less and not shed as much as many other varieties on the market. All human hair sold for hair extensions are processed in some form and since it is not 'raw' hair, it does not have the natural oils your own hair does and dries out and thins from brushing over time. Even the best hair need to be replaced.

Each client is different, lifestyle, water, products used, care for the hair, brushing, use of heats, swimming, etc. Due to all these factors no one can give an exact amount of time hair will last. Anyone who does this is misleading as every circumstance if different.

Hair Origins- What is the difference?

Asian Hair
- Not to be fooled by its price, Asian hair is recognized for its incredible strength and thickness.
- From a styling point of view, Asian hair can hold lasting style (curls, crimps, waves etc).
- After regular wash and wear, Asian hair can lose its moisture, so it is important that clients are educated in the correct way to maintain their hair and use recommended hair care products to ensure this hair stays in its best condition.

Indian Hair
- Indian hair is a great medium between Asian and European hair, not only in price, but also in quality.
- Indian hair is found to be of a finer strand diameter, offering softness and silkiness similar to our own hair.
- It is perfect for clients who don’t mind the occasional day of washing hair and leaving to dry naturally. We find that Indian hair holds its own natural tousled wave when left to dry naturally.
- Indian hair is perfect for clients who want to take a step up in quality, but still within a comfortable price range.

European & Russian Hair
- Known as being the best on the market, European & Russian hair is supreme is quality, with characteristics of fine strand thickness, it can feel like the clients own hair. Finer strand intertwined perfectly with the clients natural hair can result in a flawless look.
- When maintained correctly by the client, European & Brazilian hair has been known to last over a year.
- Perfect for clients who desire minimal day to day maintenance or those who want the best and are willing to pay for it.

B Luscious only use the best quality remy hair on the market.We love our extensions and wear them ourselves. If you need more information or have any questions, please contact us :)

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