Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hair Extension Diary - Part Two

Hair Extension Diary - Part Two

Hair Origins- What is the difference?

B Luscious offer 3 origins of hair extensions. All 3 are beautiful quality and 100%  Remy human hair.

Asian Hair (Silver Quality)

- Not to be fooled by its price, Asian hair is recognized for its incredible strength and thickness.
- From a styling point of view, Asian hair can hold lasting style (curls, crimps, waves etc).
- After regular wash and wear, Asian hair can lose its moisture, so it is important that clients are educated in the correct way to maintain their hair and use recommended hair care products to ensure this hair stays in its best condition.

Indian Hair (Gold Quality)

- Indian hair is a great medium between Asian and European hair, not only in price, but also in quality.
- Indian hair is found to be of a finer strand diameter, offering softness and silkiness similar to Caucasian hair.
- It is perfect for clients who don’t mind the occasional day of washing hair and leaving to dry naturally. We find that Indian hair holds its own natural tousled wave when left to dry naturally.
- Indian hair is perfect for clients who want to take a step up in quality, but still within a comfortable price range.

Russian European Hair (Diamond Quality)
- Known as being the best on the market, European  hair is supreme is quality, with characteristics of fine strand thickness, it feels and blends with the clients own hair. Finer strand intertwined perfectly with the clients natural hair can result in a flawless look.
- When maintained correctly by the client, B Luscious European hair has been known to last over a year.
- Perfect for clients who desire minimal day to day maintenance or those who want the best and are willing to pay for it.


Information above is my own wording from time spent researching and collating.
Its purpose is not intended to insult anyone or any company.

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