Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hair Extension Diary - Part One

Cheaper Hair Extensions VS  B Luscious Hair Extensions

Cheaper Hair Extensions
B Luscious Hair Extensions
2-3 months

Approx 12 months
Single Drawn VS Double Drawn
(Hair Length and Thickness)

Single Drawn
-          Uneven hair lengths
-          More short hair than long hair makes the bundle look thinned out

Double Drawn
-          All hair is the same length
-          The bundle is thick, even and silky smooth

Non Remy VS Remy
(Hair Cuticles)
Non Remy
-          Hair has been cut and collected from the floor so roots and ends are mixed.
-           Chemicals have been used to remove the cuticles, which is the first few layers of the hair strand.
-          The hair has been mixed and not kept in its natural direction.
-          Will knot and tangle regularly because of poor collection process and unaligned hair cuticles.

-          Collected properly to keep cuticles aligned.
-          Cuticles have not been altered with chemicals.
-          Hair runs in natural direction and strands have not been mixed into the wrong direction.
-          Strong, smooth hair.
-          Will not tangle and matt as cuticles are aligned naturally.
Mass processed in high heat ovens and high acid concentration- causes the hair to dry out and depletes natural moisture = lessens lifespan and increases damage.

Hair has been collected and transported correctly to preserve alignment of cuticles. Does not require to be processed as harsh as non Remy hair. The end result is healthier, silky hair that lasts!

Ethically Sourced
-          You cannot buy ethically sourced hair at a cheap cost. Cheap hair will always be unethical.
-          Unethical hair comes from places such as labor camps, prisons and the deceased.
-          Poor villages are heard of rummaging through rubbish bins and dumps, to collect hair pulled out of hairbrushes.
-          Ethically sourced
-          hair is ‘donated’ and not a forced sale nor is it collected from the deceased.
-          Mostly culture and religious donations where profits go back into the community and charity.
-          B Luscious support fair hair trading and will continue to ensure customers receive the highest quality human hair while maintaining a professional and ethical approach to the industry.

Information above is my own wording from time spent researching and collating.
Its purpose is not intended to insult anyone or any company.

Brooke- Director - B Luscious Beauty Studio - The Beauty & Hair Extensions Professionals
Copyright 21/2/2012